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Global Engagement by Phuong Nguyen, Public Policy Intern

Posted by: PDoliber
Apr 4, 2017

While individual YMCAs aim to serve their local communities, the collective YMCA network and Y-USA also recognize the natural duty of serving communities worldwide.

YMCAs across the country encourage global leadership development, thus embodied in the Global Leader Certificate. Open to YMCA staff and volunteers, individuals sign up to become equipped with the tools to drive diversity, inclusion, and global engagement practices (DIG). Staff and volunteers complete a 2-hour orientation, followed by extensive training on the dimensions of diversity and relationship building through varying cultural lenses. The training is a combination of eLearning and in-person sessions. They will also commit to developing their own Global Leader Project. Projects can include fundraising, community outreach and program improvement tools, or development of resources. Upon receiving their certificates, individuals will be equipped to aid their communities as well as catalyze the Y initiative to accommodate all demographics and circumstances.

Diversity, inclusion, and global engagement are essential to Y’s nationwide and worldwide. Therefore,  Y-USA has developed the Emerging Global Leaders Institute to support this global initiative. The institution prepares staff and volunteers to become dynamic leaders. Before being selected to join the EGLI Cohort, tentative leaders go through a competitive selection process. 42 emerging leaders, representing 27 DIG Ys, work to develop global engagement and advance DIG strategies at local Ys. They will also have the opportunity to work with Ys internationally, joining leaders from Canada, Latin Americas, and the Caribbean at the Youth Summit of the Americas. Last year, the Summit was held in Colombia. Take a sneak peek at the leaders’ first days in Colombia here. This year, it will be held in Mexico City in November.

If you are a staff member or volunteer and interested in progressing from a local community benefactor to an international community benefactor, apply to next year’s EGLI Cohort or get your Global Leadership Certificate. YMCA’s near you are looking for enthusiastic, bright, and driven individuals to carry on the global initiative.

As humans, we all owe each other kindness, opportunities, experiences and aid when needed, regardless of differences in distance, race, religion, or ethnic background. The YMCA’s Global Engagement opportunities strengthen these ties across borders and the spirit of unity and goodness.

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