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The YMCA by Mirabelle Jean Louis, Public Policy Intern

Posted by: KMRoycroft
Feb 5, 2018

Social responsibility, is the ¨socially responsible means that people and organisations must behave ethically and with sensitivity toward social, cultural, economic and environmental issues¨ they YMCA achieves social responsibility, by reaching out and caring for all their members, while also fulfilling their core goal.

The YMCA has discovered innumerable ways to fulfill their duty as a socially responsible non-profit organization; while achieving their goal which  is ¨ to create programs that nurture a healthy spirit, mind and body for all”. They fulfill their goals by forging relationships with each of their members. The way the Y does that is through the program they host which include swimming lessons, after school programs, along with yoga and spin classes.

Yoga classes, cycling classes, and even Zumba classes provide a sense of ¨healthy spirit” for members who belong to the YMCA. Programs such as Yoga classes and cycling class, are used to promote spiritual awakening.  At high end gyms or facilities, these classes could cost 40-45 dollars per class.  But at the YMCA, these programs has been formed and created at no cost at all. Every YMCA member has the opportunity to join and participate as they please. Not only does these program help the Y abide to it's goal, but it allows the YMCA to have a  sense of community, bringing in grandparents, mothers, children and friend together. It allows every age group, especially youth the opportunity to build new friendships.

The Y also accomplishes social responsibility through it's staff. By having programs, such as the child care, or even programs to benefit the less fortunate, the YMCA comes together to provide families with pillars of stability. The Y members doesn't do it just through money, but through love and support from it's staff.

None of this could come into fruition if it wasn't due to its donors. No matter what amount is given to the Y, whether its a dollar or ten, the YMCA uses every cent of that money to better it's program to help the community, or even to give to a member in need; because no matter what, the Y will do everything to help keep a ¨healthy spirit, mind and body for all.¨

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